The Biomechanical Engineering (BME) Program is a joint venture of the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering located on the Stanford University campus in various buildings of the two departments. The program embodies teaching and research in which principles of mechanics and design are used to examine fundamental questions in biology and to advance human health.

The faculty, research staff and the current and former students are widely known for their leadership in developing new ideas in biotechnology, biomedical design, scientific analysis, and medical applications. Research in BME is both experimental and theoretical, traversing many domains: biodesign, biofluidics, molecular/cell/tissue mechanics, movement biomechanics, biorobotics, mechanobiology, orthopaedic biomechanics, cardiovascular biomechanics, and mechanics of hearing and vision.


  • June 28, 2008: Congratulations to Professor Scott Delp who was awarded the Van C. Mow Medal at the 2008 ASME Summer Bioengineering Conference in Marco Island, Florida.
    Also, congratulations to the Stanford biomechanics students with a great showing in the BS, MS and PhD level student paper competitions. The student award winners were Scott Bevill, Gilwoo Choi, Jennifer Erhart, Craig Goergen, Patricia Ho, Ronald Kwon, Nathan Netravali, Polina Segalova, Jessica Shih, Rebecca Taylor, and Aaron Wang.
  • May 27, 2008: 2008 Distinguished Lecture by Carlos Bustamante, Ph.D.

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