CARS - Stanford's Automotive Affiliates Program

CARS is an affiliates program at Stanford that brings researchers with automotive interest from industry and academia together. Through membership in the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, companies join Stanford's automotive community. Membership are used to enrich this community by providing support for management and administrative staff, as well as shared infrastructure for research and teaching, student project teams, and new educational initiatives.


CARS Research - Initiated by 3 Labs at Stanford

The founding labs of CARS conduct the main research in the automotive field at Stanford. The result is a strong technology focus on controls, automation, and communication. However, CARS is a vital part of the network at Stanford University and maintains strong relationships with the Graduate School of Business, School of Law, and other research centers on campus. This interdisciplinary approach makes Stanford Automotive unique in automotive research.

Dynamic Design Lab, Prof. Chris Gerdes View »
Research at the Dynamic Design Laboratory centers on the generation and simplification of dynamic models for mechanical systems and the use of these models in the design of complex systems. Of particular interest are the integrated design and control of mechanical devices (design for controllability) and the application of advanced analysis and control techniques to ground vehicle design.

Artificial Intelligence Lab, Autonomous Driving Group View »
The Stanford AI Lab (SAIL) is the intellectual home for researchers in the Stanford Computer Science Department whose primary research focus is Artificial Intelligence. The labin general is located in the Gates Computer Science Building with the autonomous driving group working at VAIL, the home of CARS. SAIL, in collaboration with Volkswagen entered both the 2005 and 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, finishing first in 2005 and coming in second in 2007.

CHIMe Lab, Prof. Clifford Nass View »
The CHIMe (Communication between Humans and Interactive Media) Lab focuses on uncovering fundamental relationships between humans and interactive media. CHIMe is interested both in advancing the overall understanding of human psychology and in exploring the practical implications of our discoveries. Currently CHIMe has four areas of concentration: interfaces for automobiles, embodied agents, mobile systems, and technologies for developing-world contexts.

Research Publications Database (beta) Search Publications»
We are currently building a research publication database that will include automotive relevant papers from Stanford researchers. The database is currently underdevelopment, a beta version of it can be visited at the link above. At the moment we are mostly working on completing the content of the repository, the functionality should be already up to full performance.
Please provide your feedback so that we can improve that service.

CARS Network - Industry Affiliates and Organizations

CARS maintains a vital network of more than 80 companies / organizations in the Bay Area and beyond with a broad spectrum of industries. With this network, CARS has very diverse connections with industries like information technology, consumer electronics, aerospace, or defence and also federal organizations like U.S. Department of Transportation or U.S. Department of Energy.

Within the network of CARS, formally affiliated industry partners play a key role in supporting and shaping the automotive community at Stanford. Those partners take action through dedicated automotive research engagements at Stanford and become CARS Affiliates. These partners are:

Allstate Roadside Services >>more
BMW of North America >>more
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations >>more
Chrysler Group >>more
Delphi Corporation >>more
Denso Corporation >>more
Ford Motor Company >>more
General Motors >>more
Honda R&D Americas >>more
Hyundai Motor Company >>more
Intel Labs >>more
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America >>more
Nissan Motor Company
PACCAR >>more
Renault s.a.s. >>more
Robert Bosch LLC
State Farm Insurance Companies >>more
Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America >>more
Volkswagen Group of America - Electronic Research Lab >>more
Volvo Group >>more

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Location: Automotive Innovation Facility & Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab

CARS' automotive research and education activities are conducted primarily in the Automotive Innovation Facility, which houses the Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Lab (VAIL). This state-of-the-art research laboratory opened in April 2010 and accommodates a wide variety of simultaneous projects, fostering the collaborative and community spirit that defines CARS

Visit the building website for more information: