Affiliate Membership Model

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) is an industry affiliate program, which provides a unique partnership between our affiliate members and Stanford University. With the affiliate membership, CARS provides shared infrastructure for research, teaching, student project teams and new educational initiatives across many different research centers on campus such as the School of Law, the Graduate School of Business and the various School of Engineering departments.  This interdisciplinary approach makes CARS unique in automotive research.

Membership Costs

The CARS Affiliates fee is $32,000 per 1 year of membership, companies can join the program at any time for a 12-month period. CARS offers a large variety of membership benefits to meet the needs of smaller industrial affiliates as well as larger organizations.  Affiliate members attend CARS workshops & classes, receive CARS publications and join the automotive community at Stanford.  CARS Affiliates are strongly encouraged to engage with one or more faculty members, fellowship/research program or support class projects through our Partner level membership.

Affiliates Benefits

The benefits of a formal affiliation with the CARS program are:

> Invitation to the CARS annual meeting with formal presentations by faculty and students on new and ongoing research.
> Invitations to the CARS seminar series featuring guest lectures and discussion sessions on automotive topics.
> Invitations to round tables and workshops on automotive topics in special focus areas.
> Assistance with contacting Stanford students for recruiting through job postings, job fairs, and others.
> Access to CVs of undergraduate and graduate students participating in CARS activities.
> Access to publications originated by faculty and students associated with the CARS Affiliates Program.

Download CARS Whitepaper here.
Download CARS Affiliates Invoice here.
See Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs here.