Industrial Affiliates


The Design Group currently houses two distinct Affiliates Programs:


Industry Affiliate Program for Teaching Design Thinking

Membership in this program gives industrial representatives the opportunity for close association with the faculty and students in one of the nation's most highly regarded design education programs.

Companies are welcome to send job postings for electronic distribution to our students to Kristin Burns.


Our affiliate companies are preferentially eligible for participation in project courses. Student teams and/or individuals are involved in the synthesis of design solutions to problems that are supplied by industry.

Design Partnership

An annual meeting is held on campus for all members of the Program. This gathering provides an important opportunity to meet with students, exchange technical information and ideas with others, and obtain information on current and future developments in Design. This meeting emphasizes the importance of constant involvement between all of us through workshops, student activities, research and personal contact.

An important part of the affiliate's role is to ensure that faculty and students are aware of industrial conditions and needs, keeping them current on present development and future plans via a constant exchange of theory and methodology. This will assure that teaching and research within the academic system are in tune with industrial interests and concerns.

Faculty Liaison

Direct links are established by individual choice between a member of the faculty and a corporate partner representative. Through this close association, areas of interest common to both organizations are identified and joint projects formulated. The faculty liaison assures a satisfactory response to corporate partner needs. This is accomplished through visits to partner facilities; by providing partner with information about current Design activities; and by supporting student recruiting activities. Close contact between the corporate partner and the Design Goup fosters renewed commitment and is a vital component of the Design Industrial Affiliates Teaching Program.


Stanford University Policies for Industrial Affiliates Programs are summarized here

Program Membership

To explore opportunites for participation, please review this guide, contact Administrative Director, Kristin Burns, or submit a Program Inquiry.

  • Mechanical Engineering Design
    Stanford University

    Building 550, Room 114
    Stanford, CA 94305-4021

    Kristin.Burns at Stanford.Edu
    Telephone: 650/723-4288
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A Sampling of Design Affiliates, Past and Present

Click the heading to see some of the wide range of comnpanies which have enjoyed successful collaboration with Design over the years.

A full listing of Stanford University Industrial Affiliate Programs is available here.

CARS Affiliates Program

Director: Prof. Chris Gerdes

Executive Director:  Sven Beiker, PhD

Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) is an interdisciplinary research community at Stanford University.  CARS' vision is that by creating a community of faculty and students from a range of disciplines at Stanford with leading industry researchers, we can radically re-envision the automobile for unprecedented levels of safety, performance, and enjoyment.  Our mission is to develop ideas and discover, build, and deploy critical innovations for the next generation of cars and drivers.

Through membership in the CARS Affiliates Program, companies join the automotive community at Stanford.  Membership funds enrich this community by providing support for an executive director, administrative support, shared infrastructure for research and teaching, student project teams, and new educational initiatives.

For further information, please see the CARS web site:

Relevant Stanford University policies are summarized at

To join the CARS Affiliates Program:
Please contact the Executive Director, Sven Beiker
Beiker at Stanford.Edu

Telephone: 650/726-1504
Fax: 650/723-3521

Mechanical Engineering Design
Stanford University

Building 550, Room 131
Stanford, CA 94305-4021