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Welcome to Mechanical Engineering at Stanford

Fritz Prinz

Greetings from Fritz Prinz

Mechanical Engineering is an exciting subject. I invite you to explore how you might contribute to advancing the frontiers in the field. As a mechanical engineer you can help solve some of the world's most pressing issues - energy, health engineering, and transportation on the ground, in the air and in outer space - just to name a few from a long list of challenges facing our society.

In Mechanical Engineering we teach design, analysis and simulation techniques to realize ideas and dreams. We teach our students how to create and realize next generation products and organizations. Our faculty and students create new knowledge as they study what we already know. We let the world know of our new discoveries by publishing in leading journals and presenting our views at conferences around the world.

Stanford's Mechanical Engineering Department is dedicated to excellence in all our course offerings and in our research programs. Our undergraduate curriculum engages students in challenging and rewarding work as soon as they decide to explore ME. Our graduate students find themselves immersed in cutting edge research with broad interactions among the group disciplines in the department and beyond. Stanford University's Mechanical Engineering Department is an ideal environment for students who have proven to be the best and the brightest; those who are prepared and eager for the challenge.

I invite you to dig in to our web site. Explore the "Themes That Define Us" by clicking the various sections on the "Experience ME" wheel on this page. Check back frequently for updated news items that will highlight achievements by students, faculty and alumni. See exciting developments in our research programs. Discover where mechanics and biomedicine meet in Biomechanical Engineering. Find the human-centered approach in our Design Group. Learn how our Thermosciences Group is addressing the uncertainty of the future of energy. Understand how our Flow Physics and Computation Group models, predicts and simulates physical events. Explore the nanotechnology revolution with our Mechanics and Computation Engineering Group.

Find your place in the expanding, creative and stimulating universe of Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University.

Fritz Prinz, Professor and Chairman