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designX products

Members of the designX community offer a range of courses on Design, Design Theory, and Design Research.

Course instructors may be current research staff, Lecturers, post-docs, PhD candidates, visiting scholars, or alumni of the lab. Courses are offered across different quarters. Click on the respective name of the course below to view the appropriate ExploreCourses listing.

COMM109S: Psychology of Technology & Human-Technology Interaction

Course Instructor: David Miller

EE47: Press Play: Interactive Device Design

Course Instructor: David Sirkin

EE92: Making and Breaking Things

Course Instructor: David Sirkin

ME137/237: 3D Printing for Non-Technical Innovators

Course Instructors: Larry Leifer and Lauren Shluzas

ME306: Engineering Design Theory in Practice

Course Instructors: Larry Leifer, Ade Mabogunje and Neeraj Sonalkar

ME310ABC: Product-Based Engineering Design, Innovation, and Development

Course Instructors: Mark Cutkosky, Larry Leifer and George Toye

ME310I: The Essential Elements of New Product Development: Business and Industry Perspectives

Course Instructor: Victor Taratukhin

ME310X: New Product Management

Course Instructor: Mark Schar

ME397: Design Theory and Methodology Seminar

Course Instructor: Wendy Ju

ME410ABC: Introductory Foresight and Technological Innovation

Course Instructor: William Cockayne

ME421: European Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thought Leaders Seminar

Course Instructor: Burton Lee