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Fundamentals of Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry

turbulence image
November 21, 2014 - 1:00pm
Building 550, Room 200
1pm and 2pm sessions are free and open to the public. Please RSVP to hnrobinson@stanford.Edu to guarantee a seat.
3pm session is limited enrollment: Convince Heather Robinson (hnrobinson@stanford.Edu) in 100 words or less, due by Tuesday, Nov. 18th.

Experience a one-day intensive with award winning expert in fluid and turbulence research, Prof. Gerrit Elsinga. In one short afternoon, you will learn the basics of tomographic particle image velocimetry, a technique that Prof. Elsinga pioneered. The tomographic method is quickly gaining popularity as it uniquely allows you to measure the instantaneous 3-D velocity distribution in a wide variety of fluid flows. You will put those concepts into practice and design an experiment with feedback from your colleagues. Then test the accuracy of actual experimental data through hands-on exercises and data processing.

Program | Friday, November 21st | One-day intensive in research methods

1PM | Theory | Tomographic PIV
An introductory lecture on the technique of tomographic particle image velocimetry
Coffee break (15min)

2PM | Practice | Design an experiment
Design an experiment using the fundamentals of tomographic PIV, and refine your research methods with input from Prof. Elsinga and Lentink
Coffee break (15min)

3PM | Experience | Data processing and accuracy assessment
Test the accuracy of an actual experiment with hands-on data-processing exercises
Entry to 3pm session is limited enrollment: convince Heather Robinson ( in 100 words, due by Nov. 18th.

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