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Haptic Communication Between Humans and With Robots - Prof. Etienne Burdet, Imperial College, London

May 2, 2018 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm
ME Research Lab: Bldg 550 Room 203 (2nd floor, near the top of the stairs on the Panama Mall side)

Admission is free

Special Robotics Seminar

How do we interact with unknown environments and with other humans? We recently investigated collaborative motor tasks between humans, using a dual robotic interface that enables us to modulate the haptic information exchange. The results reveal an involuntary coordination mechanism between physically interacting humans, that enables them to improve performance and learning even with a worse partner. Embodying a computational model of the underlying control yields a robot partner providing similar assistance benefits as a human partner.

Related publications:A Takagi, G Ganesh, T Yoshioka, M Kawato and E Burdet (2017), Physically interacting individuals estimate the partners goal to enhance their movements. Nature Human Behaviour 1: 54.A Takagi, F Usai, G Ganesh, V Sanguineti and E Burdet (2018), Haptic communication between humans is tuned by the hard or soft mechanics of interaction. PLoS Computational Biology 14(3): e1005971.Y Li, G Ganesh, N Jarrasse, S Haddadin, A Albu-Schaeffer and E Burdet (2018), Humanlike interaction control for contact tooling and haptic identification. IEEE Transactions on Robotics (in press).Bio:Dr. Etienne Burdet is Chair of Human Robotics at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in UK. He is also a visiting Professor at Nanyang Technology in Singapore and at University College London. He holds an MSc in Mathematics (1990), an MSc in Physics (1991), and a PhD in Robotics (1996), all from ETH-Zurich. He was a postdoctoral fellow with TE Milner from McGill University, Canada, JE Colgate from Northwestern University, USA and Mitsuo Kawato of ATR in Japan. Professor Burdet's group usesses an integrative approach of neuroscience and robotics to: i) investigate human motor control, and ii) design efficient systems for training and rehabilitation, which are tested in clinical trials.

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