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ME - Dissertation Defense: Jung Hwa Bae

December 15, 2017 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Peterson Lab, bldg. 550, room 200

Haptic feedback system design for MR-guided needle intervention


Teleoperation systems in medicine have provided higher precision, improved target accessibility, and better ergonomics. MR-guided intervention in particular could benefit from teleoperation due to the limited patient access provided by the MR bore. However, such systems lack or mask the tool-tissue interaction forces important for dextrous tool manipulation. This talk will focus on one way of restoring the lost force information in teleoperated MR-guided needle intervention.

 An MR-compatible force sensing needle was designed to read dynamic force changes at the tip in three dimensions. This is achieved with embedded Fiber Bragg Grating optical fiber strain sensors and a pattern of machined holes for improved sensitivity. Two different MR-compatible haptic devices were designed to relay this force information to the surgeon. The first device displays radial tip force information to the user for improved needle driving, and the second delivers axial tip force information for better membrane puncture detection. The design of the instrumented needle and haptic devices, evaluation of the system through user studies, and exploration of a future application (tissue texture sensing) will be presented in this talk.

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