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ME Dissertation Defense - Mishel Johns

November 16, 2018 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Bldg. 550, Room 200

Sharing Control with Automated Vehicles


Road vehicle automation systems in the near future will likely require or allow the driver to be involved in certain situations or road conditions. A method of allowing driver input is Shared Control, where a driver and an automated driving system are both simultaneously able to control the vehicle.

This thesis describes a series of studies conducted to understand how drivers respond to an automated system sharing control with them. After an exploration of the interaction of human-human driver pairs as an inspiration for shared control system design, prototypes of systems that support shared control are implemented and tested.

The second half of the thesis applies shared control to the process of a handover of control from an automated driving system to a driver. Driver performance during shared control after a handover is investigated, and a system that uses shared control to mediate such a handover is described and tested.

These studies provide an insight into how drivers might use future automated vehicles, and are used to build systems that support driver-automation collaboration.

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