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ME268: Sergio Monsalve: Future of Learning, Opportunity, and Work

February 13, 2019 - 4:30pm to 5:50pm

Wednesday, Feb 13, 20194:30 pm300-300Sponsored by:
Design Group, Mechanical EngineeringJoin us in this week's ME268 "Robotics, AI and Design of Future Education" invited talk from Sergio Monsalve. 
Title: Future of Learning, Opportunity, and Work

Abstract: In this one hour presentation, Sergio will be introducing the mega-trends driving our future of learning, opportunity, and work from the perspective of venture capital investors and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  Sergio will be offering a framework based on research in this field to better predict what the future workplace could look like. He will engage the class in a discussion to apply this framework in a practical way. Using this framework and other approaches, he will discuss the skills and jobs, which will be most desirable in the future, and describe how our education can evolve to better serve our workers of tomorrow.  Finally, Sergio will discuss the current venture-backed startup landscape in this sector, and discuss a practical approach to best evaluate viability by using the most common due diligence approaches venture capital investors use to evaluate startup investments. Sergio will reserve time for questions and answers and hopes to make this discussion engaging and interactive.
Speaker Biography: 
Sergio J. Monsalve is a Venture Capital Investor at Norwest Venture Partners. He is the Co-founder of Stanford's Entrepreneur-In-Residence Program at the Graduate School of Education, where he teaches EDUC 295, "Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Education Technology Seminar" during the fall quarter. In these roles, Sergio is focused on the “Future of Learning, Opportunity, and Work.” Sergio is on the board and an investor of various relevant companies, including Udemy, Adaptive Insights (Sold to Workday for $1.6Bn), Rafter, Alma Campus, and Kahoot! Sergio has held various entrepreneurship and leadership roles in high-growth technology companies like eBay, Paypal, Portal Software (IPO during tenure), as well various venture-backed startups he helped get off the ground as a founder or founding executive. He is a board of trustees at Harvey Mudd College. He holds a bachelor of science in management science and engineering from Stanford University, and a masters of business administration from Harvard. 

ME268:ME268 “Robotics, AI and Design of Future Education” was instructed by Dr. Li Jiang from Design Group, Mechanical Engineering. This class consists of lectures from Dr.Jiang and invited talks from experts in the industry and academia to discuss the state of the art in the field of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how that will impact the future Education. The time of robotics/AI are upon us. Within the next 10 to 20 years, many jobs will be replaced by robots/AI. We will cover hot topics in Robotics, AI, how we need to prepare students for the rise of Robotics/AI, and how we Re-design and Re-invent our education to adapt to the new era.

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Design Group, Mechanical Engineering
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