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Paul W. Hait "Lessons from an Eclectic Innovator"

Paul W. Hait
February 25, 2016 - 4:30pm to 6:00pm
Atrium, Bldg. 550 ( & ME Design Bldg.)

Open to the public

The Lung-Wen Memorial Lecture presents: Paul W. Hait.

Meet the man whose name is connected to beef jerky, moon landing, disaster stoves and medicine blankets.

Paul won an Olympic Gold medal as a swimmer while still an undergrad in spite of a bad accident shortly before the qualifying rounds.

After graduation from Stanford he went on to a distinguished career as an innovator with over 50 patents. These include ultra high vacuum devices at Varian that were part of the first moon landing, the patented highly successful Pemmican brand Beef and Buffalo Jerky and the Pyromid outdoor cooking system declared the official disaster stove for the American Red Cross, the second largest selling toy in Fisher Price's history, a state of the art medical dental chair system, and to the discovery and brand naming of the #1 chelated trace mineral in the world called EXCELERITE(R).