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Project Demonstrations from ME20N: Haptics: Engineering Touch

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December 4, 2014 - 1:15pm to 2:00pm
Building 520, Room 145


Hands-on demonstrations of hapitcs projects from the Freshman IntroSem course ME 20N: Haptics: Engineering Touch.

Haptic interfaces are mechatronic devices that allow users to feel artificially generated touch sensations. The students will demonstrate 7 unique hands-on projects.

All are welcome. Light snacks will be served.

Student Teams

Ryan Frankel and Zoe Goldblum ~ Phlebotomist Training Tool
Maika Isogawa, Jite Ovienmhada, and Madelyn Boslough ~ Haptimaze
Jaime Korman and Moses Swai ~ Interactive Pin Array
Derek Phillips, Robbie Hewitt, and Brice Dudley ~ Haptic Bicep Curl
James Ortiz and Lauren Killingsworth ~ BurnAlert: A Thermohaptic Device
Natalie Homsi and Andrea Villarreal ~ Virtual Bubble Wrap
Susana Martinez and Mini Racker ~ The Mirror Gripper

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