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Surgical Robotics Seminar; "Designing Life Critical Systems," Dr. Chris Carlson

Dr. Chris Carlson
May 22, 2015 - 11:00am
Building 200, Room 2

Open to the public

Dr. Chris Carlson

Seminar Topic: Designing Life Critical Systems

The Intuitive da Vinci, the Google self-driving car, or a Airbus a380 — each of these electromechanical systems operates in an environment where design or implementation mistakes can have devastating consequences including loss of human life. In this talk I will outline a process for designing life critical systems and work through practical examples for a servo system. By the end of the talk you should have a good idea of how to use a risk management process to inform system design requirements.

Speaker Bio

Chris currently develops medical robotic products as a Director of Product Development at Intuitive Surgical. Before Intuitive Chris was the CEO of Gantto Inc, a web based easy to use alternative to Microsoft Project. Before Gantto Chris was Vice President of Engineering at Hansen Medical where he developed Sensei, a flexible robotic platform for treating complex arrhythmias of the heart. Before Hansen Chris earned his PhD in Dynamic Systems and Control under Chris Gerdes in the Dynamic Design Lab at Stanford and studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science for his BS from UC Davis.

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