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Surgical Robotics Seminar: "RefleXion Medical and the Development of Emission Guided Radiation Therapy," David Larkin

David Larkin
May 15, 2015 - 11:00am to 11:50am
Building 200, Room 2

Open to the public

David Larkin

Seminar Topic: RefleXion Medical and the Development of Emission Guided Radiation Therapy

RefleXion Medical is developing the first biologically guided radiation therapy system for treating solid tumors throughout the body. By uniquely leveraging Positron Emission Tomography (PET), RefleXion's patented technology uses signals that are continuously emitted from the tumor itself to guide the treatment beam. The ability to steer therapy in real-time based on a signal coming directly from the tumor enables a much more precise delivery of radiation, so that up to 30% more radiation may be delivered to the tumor than existing systems. Direct biological targeting also simplifies treatment planning for multiple targets (metastatic disease) so that even cases with multiple targets exhibiting significant motion can be handled easily and systematically. And longer term, as next-generation PET compounds come to market directly targeting specific cancer tissues, RefleXion's systems will be able to immediately translate these improvements in diagnostic specificity into better cancer therapy. This talk will present the motivations behind emission-guided radiation therapy, the mechanical architecture for a first product, and discuss some of the core design challenges.

Speaker Bio

David Larkin is an accomplished engineering leader with over 25 years of experience in the fields of medical robotic systems, mechatronics and control systems. As RefleXion's Vice President of Engineering, he is responsible for assembling and leading RefleXion's world class engineering organization and oversees all aspects of product design and development. Before RefleXion, David served as an engineering executive for 14 years at Intuitive Surgical (ISI), where he progressed through roles of increasing responsibility, including, Manager of Systems Analysis, Engineering Director and most recently, as Vice President of Engineering. During his tenure at ISI, Larkin brought numerous breakthrough products in robotic assisted minimally-invasive surgery into the clinic, culminating in ISI's next generation, single-port robotic surgery platform. Prior to developing medical robotic systems, Larkin was President of MotionIO, a networked motion control startup and also served as Director of Controls at Adept Technology, a developer of industrial robotic systems. Larkin is a named inventor on 29 patents and holds an MS in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, as well as ScB in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University.

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