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Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

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Engineering 298 ~ Spring 2022

McCullough 115, Tuesdays from 4pm to 5pm

March 29
Computational Methods for Suspensions of Cross-linked Slender Fibers

Prof. Aleksandar Donev
New York University

April 5
Turbulence, Intermittency, and Flight

Prof. Gregory Bewley
Cornell University

April 12
Buckling and Glassy Dynamics of Fluid Interfaces Driven Out of Equilibrium

Prof. Sho Takatori
University of California, Santa Barbara

April 19
What Determines the Settling Rate of Particles Through Wall-Bounded Turbulence?

Prof. David Richter
Notre Dame

April 26
Disentangling the Oceanic Current

Prof. Hussein Aluie
University of Rochester

May 3
Transport in Ionic Solutions: Effect of Geometric Confinement, Electrolyte Asymmetry and Redox Reactions

Prof. Ankur Gupta
University of Boulder, Colorado

May 10
To be announced

Charles Taylor
Heartflow, Inc.

May 17
Capillary Flows of Suspensions

Prof. Alban Sauret
University of California, Santa Barbara

May 24
Oxygen Tension-Regulated Capillary Velocity of Red Blood Cells: From Fundamental Roles in Neurovascular Coupling to the Development of Diagnostic Strategies

Prof. Jiandi Wan
University of California, Davis

May 31
Measuring and Manipulating Cell using Microscale Fluid Physics

Prof. Dino Di Carlo
University of California, Los Angeles

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