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Fluid Mechanics Seminar Series

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Engineering 298 ~ Winter 2024

Building 300, Room 300 - Tuesdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

January 9
"Machine Learning for Scientific Discovery, with Examples in Fluid Mechanics"

Prof. Steve Brunton
University of Washington

January 16
"Connecting an idealization with the real atmosphere: Rainy-Benard Convection"

Prof. Geoff Vallis
University of Exeter

January 23
"Dancing wind turbine wakes: To bop or to slide?"

Prof. Raul Cal
Portland State University

January 30
"Similarity solutions for the mean momentum equation of turbulent channel flow"

Prof. Joe Klewicki
University of Melbourne

February 6
"Rheology of concentrated suspensions of particles"

Prof. Arezoo Ardekani
Purdue University

February 13
"Predicting wind loading using large-eddy simulations"

Prof. Catherine Gorle
Stanford University

February 20
"Classification and Reconstruction of Fluid Flows from Limited Data"

Prof. Mitul Luhar
University of Southern California

February 27
"The Fluid Mechanics of a new VAT Polymerization Process for Additive Manufacturing"

Prof. Eric Shaqfeh, Stanford University
For this seminar only, location is the Mackenzie Room, 3rd floor of the Huang Building

March 5
"Predictive Reduced Order Modeling for Multi-scale, Multi-physics Flow Problems"

Prof. Karthik Duraisamy
University of Michigan

March 12
"Data, dynamics, and manifolds: Machine learning approaches for modeling and controlling complex flows"

Prof. MIke Graham
University of Wisconson-Madison

For seminar information please contact Prof. Beverley McKeon (