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Engineering graduates and faculty

Professor Larry Leifer has served as primary advisor for over 50 earned PhD investigations.

PhD Dissertations

Dissertations are organized alphabetically by last name of author. Clicking on the title of dissertation opens the appropriate Searchworks or Proquest environment for retrieving a PDF.

Professor Larry Leifer PhD as “primary advisor” at Stanford University:

The Transfer of Scanning Probe Microscope Research to the University Classroom: Lessons in Distributed Collaboration

Jesse Adams, 2001

Smartphone-based System for Learning and Inferring Hearing Aid Settings

Gabriel Aldaz, 2016

Information Handling Behavior of Designers during Conceptual Design: Three Experiments

Vinod Baya, 1997

The Role of Hardware in Learning Engineering Fundamentals: An Empirical Study of Engineering Design and Product Analysis Activity

Margot Brereton, 1998

Knowledge Based Engineering Analysis

Donald Brown, 1988

The Application of Continuum Methods to Path Planning (Trajectory Generation, Manipulators, Obstacle Avoidance, Intersection Metric, Robot)

Charles Buckley, 1985

Cultivating the Growth of Complex Engineered Systems using Emergent Behaviours of Engineering Processes

Eric Byler, 2014

Point-and-Direct Telerobotics: Object Level Strategic Supervisory Control in Unstructured Interactive Human-Machine System Environments

David Cannon, 1992

The Value of Vision in Radical Technological Innovation

Tamara Carleton, 2010

Engineering Design Team Performance: Quantitative Evidence that Membership Diversity Effects are Time Dependent

Andrew Carrillo, 2002

A Study of the Formation of Innovation Ideas in Informal Networks

William Cockayne, 2004

An Intelligent Control System Design Aid

Allen Curran, 1987

Reflective Practice in Engineering Design

Rebecca Currano, 2015

Understanding Radical Breaks: Media and Behavior in Small Teams engaged in Redesign Scenarios

Jonathan Edelman, 2011

Deformation field mapping: A representation for interactive free-form surface modeling

Laurence Edwards, 1995

A Theory of Requirements Definition in Engineering Design

Michael Eodice, 2000

Perceiving, Comprehending, and Measuring Design Activity through the Questions Asked while Designing

Ozgur Eris, 2002

Product Capital Model: Modeling the Value of Design to Corporate Performance

John Feland, 2005

Anomaly Detection as Creative Insight

Michael Helms, 2011

Analytic Techniques For Automated Grasp (Stability)

John Jameson, 1985

Shared Control of Automated Vehicles : Supporting Handovers of Control

Mishel Johns, 2018

Embedded Corrective Force Cueing: A Force-Feedback Control Design to Optimize the Motivating Potential of Robot-Assisted Therapy Devices to increase Bilateral Functioning in Hemiplegic Stroke Patients

Michelle Johnson, 2001

The Design of Implicit Interactions

Wendy Ju, 2008

Engineering Team Performance and Emotion: Affective Interaction Dynamics as Indicators of Design Team Performance

Malte Jung, 2011

Automatic Hole-Cutting in Overset Grids using the X-Rays Approach

Noah Kim, 2012

Design Requirements for Car-to-Driver Interaction in the Context of Semi-Autonomous Driving

Jaemin Koo, 2014

The TalkingGlove(RTM): Hand-Gesture-to-Speech using an Instrumented Glove and a Tree-Structured Neural classifying Vector Quantizer

James Kramer, 1996

The Effects of Team Member Intrinsic Differences on Emergent Team Dynamics and Long-term Innovative Performance in Engineering Design Teams

Greg Kress, 2012

Designing and Engineering: Ambidextrous Mindsets for Innovation

Micah Lande, 2012

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis with Bayesian Belief Networks: Bridging the Design-Diagnosis Modeling Gap

Burton Lee, 2002

A Graphical Programming Language for Service Robots in Semi-Structured Environments

David Lees, 1994

Mapping Experience: Understanding Socio-technical Inter-team Knowledge sharing in Product Development Communities

Anthony Tao Liang, 2001

Measuring Conceptual Design Process Performance in Mechanical Engineering: A Question Based Approach

Ade Mabogunje, 1997

The needfinding machine

Nikolas Martelaro, 2018

An Information-theoretic Approach to the Study of Ubiquitous Computing Workspaces supporting Geographically Distributed Engineering Design Teams as Group-Users

Andrew Milne, 2005

The Social Construction of a Technical Reality: Empirical Studies of Group Engineering Design Practice

Scott Minneman, 1991

Transition of Control in Partially Autonomous Vehicles: Driver Response and the Design of Vehicle Interfaces

Brian Mok, 2017

The Design of Implicit Pedestrian-Autonomous Vehicle Interactions

Dylan Moore, 2019

Adaptive Design Expertise: A Theory of Design Thinking and Innovation

William Neely, 2007

Design Quantification: Design Concept Argumentation as related to Product Performance Metrics

Soren Petersen, 2009

A Framework for Knowledge Capture and a Study of Development Metrics in Collaborative Engineering Design

Kurt Reiner, 2006

''Virtual Fixtures'': Perceptual Overlays enhance Operator Performance in Telepresence Tasks

Louis Rosenberg, 1994

The Anatomy of Creative Computing: Enabling Novices to Prototype Smart Devices

Joel Sadler, 2016

Design Research on the Core Needs of Children and Families During Stem Cell Transplantation

Erica Savig, 2016

Pivot Thinking and the Differential Sharing of Information within New Product Development Teams

Mark Schar, 2011

The Influence of Design and Development Practices on Outcomes: A Case-Based Analysis of Medical Device Design

Lauren Shluzas, 2011

Design at a Distance: Tangible Telepresence using Gesture and Robotics

David Sirkin, 2011

A Unified Innovation Process Model for Engineering Designers and Managers

Philipp Skogstad, 2009

A Visual Representation to characterize Moment-to-Moment Concept Generation through Interpersonal Interactions in Engineering Design Teams

Neeraj Sonalkar, 2012

Traditional skills, non-traditional demographic: rethinking novice digital design tool education for outside the engineering major

Katherine Stephenson, 2017

Toward an Understanding of the Use of Shared Workspaces by Design Teams

John Tang, 1989

Management of Nonhomogeneous Functional Modular Redundancy for Fault-Tolerant Programmable Electromechanical Systems

George Toye, 1990

A History List Design Methodology for Interactive Robotic Systems

Hendrick F. Machiel Van der Loos, 1993

Social Responses to Somatic Technology: An Application in Human-Service Robotics

James Wagner, 2011

Computer Methods in Manipulator Kinematics, Dynamics, and Control: A Comparative Study

Charlie Wampler, 1985

A Knowledge-Based Computational Tool for Creative Conceptual Design

Hwa-Teh Walter Wang, 1992

Capturing Multimodal Design Activities in support of Information Retrieval and Process Analysis

Samuel Yen, 2000

Professor Larry Leifer PhD as PhD committee member:

Byungwook Christopher Han, 2011

Karthik Manohar, 2011

Leslie Wickman, 1994

Maria Yang, 2000

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