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Degrees associated with the Design Group

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The ME Design Group offers two specific programs of study:

The Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree Program requires only the choice of a Mechanical Engineering depth area and the satisfaction of the broad requirements of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Students can select from Design Group depth areas including design methodology, smart product design, robotics, structural strength and control systems.

The Design Program (formerly known as the Product Design Program) dates from 1958, when it was started by Professor Robert McKim. The Design Program concerns itself with conceiving and designing products for the benefit of society. This process requires resolution of constraints arising from technical, aesthetic, human and business concerns. Product designers use their creativity, imagination and technical knowledge to satisfy these requirements and create products to satisfy human needs. This program offers both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science. The Design Program hosts the David H. Liu Memorial Lecture Series.

A PhD in Mechanical Engineering is also offered.

For more information about the programs and how to apply, please see Academics & Admissions.