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Toward a Quieter Workspace

Building 550 Peterson Laboratory is a multi-use facility: hundreds of students attend class here each week, special events are held frequently in the Atrium and Grove, countless meetings and conversations take place in our conference rooms and faculty Front Porches*, all while faculty and staff do their daily work in support of our teaching, research and administrative responsibilities. Given the nature and number of activities in the building, and our open landscape environment, special care and consideration are needed to keep noise to a level that allows productive work. The following guidelines and resources should help.

In general, please keep conversation volume low.

Book a conference room for your meetings/discussions whenever possible.

Please hold speakerphone or Skype conversations in enclosed spaces, with the door closed.

Staff are welcome to use alternate workspaces when the need arises:

Room 112: The Quiet Work Room >
Bldg 550 Atrium or Grove
Conference rooms in 550 or nearby buildings
Concept Car (the corner of the building past 159)

*The four spaces open to the hallway between faculty offices 115 & 119, 121 & 125, 127 & 131, and 139 & 143 are referred to as Front Porches. They are available for use by Design Group faculty and staff. Here is a schedule of Front Porch regular meetings that can help staff plan their day:

Front Porch 117: Sheri Sheppard & David Lentink
Sheri does not schedule meetings in her front porch, to help the noise level

Front Porch 123: Mark Cutkosky & Larry Leifer
Nothing scheduled

Front Porch 129: Chris Gerdes
Mon 12:30-1:30 – Chris's teaching team
Tue 3:20-5:00 – Ed's office hours
Weds 12:30-1:30 – Chris's teaching team
Thur 3:20-5:00 – Ed's office hours

Front Porch 141: Bill Burnett, Ed Carryer & David Kelley
Mon 12:00-1:00 – Ed's staff meeting
Tues 9:00-11:00 – Bill's office hours
Thurs 1:30-4:00 – Bill's office hours

Ideas in review

Acoustic curtains installed at the Atrium entrances during events