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Thermosciences Recent Theses

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Recent PhD Theses in the Thermosciences Group of the Mechanical Engineering Department

Author Date Advisor Title
Lozano, Antonio Aug-92 Hanson Laser-Excited Luminescent Tracers for Planar Concentration Measurements in Gaseous Jets
Storm, Victor Apr-97 Cappelli Optical Investigation of Plasma Properties in the Interior of Arcjet Thrusters
Elkins, Christopher J. Apr-97 Eaton Heat Transfer in the Rotating Disc Boundary Layer
Island, Tobin Apr-97 Mungal Quantitative Scalar and Mixing Enhancement in Compressible Shear Layers
Cedolin, Renato Jun-97 Cappelli Laser-Induced Fluorescence Diagnostics of Xenon Plasmas
Loh, Michael Jul-97 Cappelli Study of Diamond Synthesis in an Expanding Arcjet Plasma Flow
Buice, Carl U. Aug-97 Eaton Experiment Investigation of Flow Through an Asymmetric Plane Diffuser
Batchelder, Keith Aug-97 Moffat Towards a Method for Measuring Heat Transfer in Complex 3-D Flows
Palmer, Jennifer Sep-97 Hanson Advanced Diagnostics for Reacting Flows
Gilmore, John Owen Dec-97 Cappelli On the vibrational de-excitation of weakly dissociated air
Kim, Joong Soo Jan-98 Cappelli Combustion Synthesis of Diamond
Petersen, Eric Feb-98 Hanson A Shock Tube and Diagnostics for Chemistry Measurement at Elevated Pressures with Application to Methane Ignition
Berns, Darren H. Jun-98 Cappelli Ion-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition of Thin Film Cubic Boron Nitride
Portela, Luis Jul-98 Bradshaw Identification and Characterization of Vortices in the Turbulent Boundary Layer
Birrell, Dina Aug-98 Eaton Two-Dimensional Temperature Control Using a Raster-Scanned Laser
Kurabayashi, Katsuo Aug-98 Goodson Thermal Transport Properties of Organic Film for Advanced VLSI Systems
Furlong, Edward Dec-98 Hanson Diode-Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Applied for the Active Control of Combustion
Nagali, Venu Dec-98 Hanson Diode Laser Study of High-Pressure Water-Vapor Spectroscopy
DeGraaff, David Jan-99 Eaton Reynolds Number Scaling of the Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Flat Plate and Swept and Unswept Bumps
Urban, William Mar-99 Mungal Planar Velocity Measurements in Compressible Mixing Layers
Thurber, Mark Mar-99 Hanson Acetone Laser-Induced Fluorescence for Temperature and Multiparameter Imaging in Gaseous Flows
Khan, Zia Mar-99 Johnston On the Dominant Vortex Created by a Pitched and Skewed Jet in Crossflow
Archambault, Mark Apr-99 Edwards A Maximum Entropy Moment Closure Approach to Modeling the Evolution of Spray Flows
Mihalcea, Radu Apr-99 Hanson O and CO2 Measurements in Combustion Environments Using External Cavity Diode Lasers
Ju, Yongho Sungtaek Jun-99 Goodson Microscale Heat Conduction in Integrated Circuits and Their Constituent Films
Hasselbrink, Ernest Jul-99 Mungal Transverse Jets and Jet Flames: Structure, Scaling, and Effects of Heat Release
Gessman, Richard Aug-99 Kruger An experimental investigation of the effects of chemical and ionizational nonequilibrium in recombining atmospheric pressure air plasmas
Kemal, Abid Aug-99 Bowman Real-time active control of air breathing combustors
Kamel, Michel Roger Sep-99 Hanson Combustion Modes Around Hypersonic Projectiles
Tsai, Nancy Ko-Chieh Nov-99 Mitchell Influence of high carbon monoxide concentration on the carbon dioxide gasification of a selected coal char
Chou, Shang-I Jul-00 Hanson Diode-Laser Absorption Spectroscopy of Hydrogen Halides for Semiconductor Plasma Process Diagnostics
Wehe, Shawn Sep-00 Hanson Development of a Tunable Diode Laser Probe for Measurements in Hypervelocity Flows
Ben-Yakar, Adela Dec-00 Hanson Experimental Investigation of Mixing and Ignition of Transverse Jets in Supersonic Crossflows
Sverdrup, Per Dec-00 Goodson Simulation and thermometry of sub-continuum heat transport in semiconductor devices
Hargus, Bill Jan-01 Cappelli Investigation of the Plasma Acceleration Mechanism Within a Coaxial Hall Thruster
Webber, Michael Jan-01 Hanson Diode Laser Measurements of NH3 and CO2 for Combustion and Bioreactor Applications
Fletcher, Daniel Feb-01 Goodson Near-field microscopy with a microfabricated solid immersion lens
Schmidt, Chad Feb-01 Bowman Flow Reactor Study of the Effect of Pressure on the Thermal De-NOx Reaction
Han, Donghee Mar-01 Mungal Study of Turbulent Nonpremixed Jet Flames Using Simultaneous Measurements of Velocity and CH Distribution
Touzelbaev, Maxat May-01 Goodson Thermal properties of novel electronic materials
Horning, David Jun-01 Hanson A Study of the High-Temperature Autoignition and Thermal Decomposition of Hydrocarbons
Wahl, Edward Jun-01 Kruger Laser-Based Diagnostics of Diamond Synthesis Reactors
Paris, Tony Jun-01 Eaton Turbulence Attenuation in a Particle-Laden Channel Flow
Kirby, Brian Jun-01 Hanson Infrared Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging and Applications to Imaging of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide
Zhao, Maosheng Aug-01 Kruger Diamond Film Deposition With Discharge Enhanced Nonequilibrium
Yu, Lan Aug-01 Kruger Nonequilibrium Effects in Two-Temperature Atmospheric Pressure Air and Nitrogen Plasmas
Wang, Jian Aug-01 Hanson New Strategies of Diode Laser Absorption Sensors
Zhou, Peng Oct-01 Goodson Thermal and thermomechanical characterization and diagnostics of electronic packaging and interconnect systems
Sanders, Scott Nov-01 Hanson Diode-Laser Sensors for Harsh Environments with Application to Pulse Detonation Engines
Rossmann, Toby Dec-01 Hanson An Experimental Investigation of High Compressibility Mixing Layers
Molho, Joshua Dec-01 Santiago Electrokinetic dispersion in microfluidic separation systems
Morris, Christopher Dec-01 Hanson Shock-induced combustion in high-speed wedge flows
Mukerji, Debjit Mar-02 Eaton Spatially-resolved measurements of heat transfer in turbomachinery applications
Song, Soonho Mar-02 Hanson Application of Frequency Modulation Spectroscopy to Shock Tube Studies of Elementary NH2 Reactions
Song, Simon Apr-02 Eaton Reynolds number effects on a turbulent boundary layer with separation, reattachment, and recovery
Muniz, Lorelei May-02 Mungal Particle image velocimetry studies of turbulent nonpremixed flames
King, William May-02 Goodson Thermomechanical formation of polymer nanostructures
Cooper, Susan Aug-02 Eaton Spatially-Resolved Surface Temperature Control Using Scanned Laser Heating
Meezan, Nathan Oct-02 Cappelli Electron Transport in a Coaxial Hall Discharge
Glew, Alexander Dec-02 Cappelli Plasma deposition of diamond-like carbon and fluorinated amorphous carbon and the resultant properties and structure
Solovitz, Stephen Dec-02 Eaton Experimental Aerodynamics of Mesoscale Trailing-Edge Actuators
Akan-Etuk, Aniefiok Ekpedeme Jacob May-03 Mitchell Rate-limiting mechanisms of pyrite transformation to magnetite under simulated pulverized coal firing conditions
Benson, Michael May-03 Eaton The Effects of Wall Roughness on the Particle Velocity Field in a Fully Developed Channel Flow
Burton, Tristan Jul-03 Eaton Fully Resolved Simulations of Particle-Turbulence Interaction
Zhou, Xin Jul-03 Hanson Diode-Laser Absorption Sensors for Combustion Control
Lee, Eon Soo Jul-03 Goodson Water Transport in Two-Phase Fuel Cell Microchannels
Packan, Denis Sep-03 Kruger Repetitive Nanosecond Glow Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air
Devasenathipathy, Shankar Dec-03 Santiago Particle imaging diagnostics and stacking dynamics in microfluidic systems
Knappe, Brett Dec-03 Edwards Spray Detonation in a Well-Characterized Homogeneous Mixture
Chen, Chuan-Hua Jan-04 Santiago Microscale electrokinetic transport and stability
Herbon, John Jun-04 Hanson Shock Tube Measurements of CH3 O2Kinetics and the Heat of Formation of the OH Radical
Kim, Suhong Jun-04 Hanson Development of Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Sensors for a Large-Scale Arc-Heated-Plasma Wind Tunnel
Segura, Judy Sep-04 Eaton Predictive capabilities of particle-laden large eddy simulation
Liu, Jonathan T.C. Oct-04 Hanson Near-Infrared Diode Laser Absorption Diagnostics for Temperature and Species in Engines
Pop, Eric Dec-04 Goodson Self-heating and scaling of thin body transistors
Oddy, Michael Feb-05 Santiago Electrokinetic Transport Phenomena: Mobility Measurement and Electrokinetic Instability
Sinha, Sanjiv Mar-05 Goodson Non-equilibrium phonons in silicon field-effect transistors
Caton Patrick A. May-05 Edwards Residual-effected homogeneous charge compression ignition using variable valve actuation
Koch, Jon May-05 Hanson Fuel Tracer Photophysics for Quantitative Planar Laser-Induced Fluoresence
McConnell, Angela May-05 Goodson Thermal properties of micro- and nanoscale materials
Bharadwaj, Rajiv Jun-05 Santiago Microscale electrokinetic sample stacking
Koo, Jae-Mo Jun-05 Goodson Modeling of convective boiling in microchannels
Manzella, David Jun-05 Cappelli Scaling Hall thrusters to high power
Oelschlaeger, Matthew Jun-05 Hanson Shock Tube Studies of Thermal Decomposition Reactions using Ultraviolet Absorption Spectroscopy
Yao, Shuhuai Aug-05 Santiago Theory, design, and demonstration of electroosmotic pump technologies
Hu, Xuejiao Sep-05 Goodson Micro/nanoscale characterization and modeling of thermal interface materials for electronics packaging
Campbell, Paul Nov-05 Mitchell Investigation into the roles of surface oxide complexes and their distributions in the carbon-oxygen heterogeneous reaction mechanism
Hanson, Thomas C. Dec-05 Hanson The Development of a Facility and Diagnostics for Studying Shock-Induced Behavior in Micron-Sized Aerosols
Ma, Lin Dec-05 Hanson Laser Diagnostics for Simultaneous Vapor and Droplet Measurement in Sprays
Lyle, Kent Dec-05 Hanson Development of a Real-Time Diode-Laser Mass Flux Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Density and Velocity of Oxygen
Wang, Eveyln Jan-06 Goodson Characterization of Microfabricated Two-Phase Heat Sinks for IC Cooling Applications
Mattison, Dan Mar-06 Hanson Development and Application of Laser-Based Sensors for Harsh Combustion Environments
Lee, Tonghun Mar-06 Hanson Strategies For Nitric Oxide Laser-Induced-Fluorescence In High-Pressure Combustion Systems
Somandepalli, Vijay Mar-06 Mungal Combined PIV and PLIF Measurements in a Polymer Drag Reduced Turbulent Boundary Layer
Pennathur, Sumita Mar-06 Santiago Nanoscale electrokinetic transport
Im, Sungjun Jun-06 Goodson Thermal conduction phenomena in VLSI circuits and systems
Lee, Sunyoup Jun-06 Edwards Development of Mesoscale Burner Arrays for Gas Turbine Reheat
Liu, Xiang Jun-06 Hanson Line-of-Sight Absorption of H2O Vapor: Gas Temperature Sensing in Uniform and Nonuniform Flows
Huber, David Jun-06 Santiago Transport and dispersion in microfluidic temperature gradient focusing
Jung, Byoungsok Jun-06 Santiago Electrokinetic sample stacking for high sensitivity on-chip capillary electrophoresis
Ma, Liqiang Aug-06 Mitchell Combustion and Gasification of Chars in Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide at Elevated Pressure
Thomas, Cliff Nov-06 Cappelli Anamolous Electron Transport in the Hall-Effect Thruster
Kim, Woo Kyung 2006 Mungal An investigation of plasma enhanced combustion
Herzog, David Mar-07 Santiago Microfluidic mixers for protein folding
Jain, Ankur Mar-07 Goodson Thermal phenomena in free standing thin films and biological microsystems
Rose, Klint Mar-07 Santiago Microfluidic manipulation and detection methods for metal microbarcode particles
Walker, Quentin Mar-07 Cappelli Characterization and novel applications of the helium arcjet
Ness, Kevin Jun-07 Goodson Microfluidic Technologies for Biological Sample Preparation
Teh, Kwee-Yan Jun-07 Edwards Thermodynamics of efficient, simple-cycle combustion engines
Fogg, David Sep-07 Goodson Bubble dynamics in microchannel flow boiling
Li, Hejie Sep-07 Hanson Near-Infrared Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy with Applications to Reactive Systems and Combustion Control
Moses, Brooks Sep-07 Edwards Simulation of multiphase fluid flows using a spatial filtering process
Vasudevan,Venkatesh Sep-07 Hanson Shock tube measurements of elementary oxidation and decomposition reactions important in combustion using hydroxide, methylidyne and nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen laser absorption
Rothamer, David Dec-07 Hanson Development and Application of Infrared and Tracer-Based Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging Diagnostics
Klingbeil, Adam Dec-07 Hanson Mid-IR Laser Absorption Diagnostics for Hydrocarbon Vapor Sensing in Harsh Environments
Owens, Zachary Feb-08 Hanson Flowfield characterization and model development in detonation tubes
Walters, Kevin May-08 Bowman A flow-reactor study of vitiated ethane oxidation at intermediate temperatures
Litster, Shawn Edward Jul-08 Santiago Active water management for proton exchange membrane fuel cells using integrated wicks and electroosmotic pumps
Khurana, Tarun Sep-08 Santiago On-chip isotachophoresis assays for high sensitivity electrophoretic preconcentration, separation, and indirect detection
Buie, Cullen Richard Nov-08 Santiago Application of electroosmotic pumps to low temperature fuel cells
Song, Han Ho Dec-08 Edwards Low-Load Extension of Residual-Effected Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition using Recompression Reaction
Barbour, Ethan Apr-09 Hanson Modeling and laser-based sensing of pulsed detonation engines
Rieker, Greg May-09 Hanson Wavelength-modulation spectroscopy for measurements of gas temperature and concentration in harsh environments
Do, Hyungrok May-09 Cappelli Plasma-assisted combustion in a supersonic flow
Scharfe, Michelle May-09 Cappelli Electron cross field transport modeling in radial-axial hybrid hall thruster simulations
Miller, Shannon Jun-09 Edwards Theory and implementation of low-irreversibility chemical engines
Scharfe, David Jun-09 Cappelli Alternative Hall thruster propellants krypton and bismuth: Simulated performance and characterization
Fang, Chen Sep-09 Goodson Impact of surface tension on microchannel two-phase flow
Porter, Jason Nov-09 Hanson Laser-Based Diagnostics for Hydrocarbon Fuels in the Liquid and Vapor Phases
Zangle, Thomas Andrew Feb-10 Santiago Concentration polarization at microfluidic-nanofluidic interfaces
Lee, Andrew Campbell Mar-10 Mitchell Analysis of Solid State, Solid Oxide Electrolyte Based Direct Carbon Fuel Cells
Reifenberg, John Pierce Apr-10 Goodson Thermal phenomena in phase change memory
Simpson, Adam P. Apr-10 Edwards Decision Making in Energy: Advancing Technical, Environmental, and Economic Perspectives
Farooq, Aamir May-10 Hanson Extended-NIR laser diagnostics for gas sensing applications
Gharagozloo, Patricia Elaine May-10 Goodson Characterization and modeling of thermal diffusion and aggregation in nanofluids
Strickland, Daniel George May-10 Santiago Flood mitigation strategies and diagnostic techniques for polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Panzer, Matthew Alan Jun-10 Goodson Thermal characterization and modeling of nanostructured materials
Rowlette, Jeremy Alexander Jun-10 Goodson Energy conversion in silicon nanostructures and devices
Smith, Andrew Wayne Jun-10 Cappelli Field Structure and Electron Transport in the Near-Field of Coaxial Hall Thrusters
Poehlmann-Martins, Flavio Aug-10 Cappelli Investigation of a plasma deflagration gun and magnetohydrodynamic Rankine-Hugoniot model to support a unifying theory for electromagnetic plasma guns
Vasu, Subith Aug-10 Hanson Measurements of ignition times, OH time-histories, and reaction rates in jet fuel and surrogate oxidation systems
Bercovici, Moran Sep-10 Santiago High resolution simulations of isotachophoresis and experimental studies of indirect detection and identification of analytes using fluorescent carrier ampholytes
Hong, Zekai Nov-10 Hanson An Improved hydrogen/oxygen mechanism based on shock tube/laser absorption measurements
Knoll, Aaron K. Nov-10 Cappelli Plasma Oscillations and Associated Electron Transport within Hall Thrusters
Bak, Moon Soo Nov-10 Cappelli Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma-Assisted Combustion
Persat, Alexandre Dec-10 Santiago Nucleic acid purification and analysis by isotachophoresis
Cheung, Brian Feb-11 Hanson Tracer-based planar laser-induced fluorescence diagnostics: Quantitative photophysics and time-resolved imaging
David, Milnes Paul Mar-11 Goodson Phase separation in two-phase microfluidic heat exchangers
Haylett, Daniel Robert Mar-11 Hanson The Development and application of aerosol shock tube methods for the study of low-vapor-pressure fuels
Snyder, Jordan A. Mar-11 Hanson Development and application of tracer-based planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging diagnostics for HCCI engines
Steinbrenner, Julie Elizabeth Mar-11 Goodson Two-phase flow phenomena in fuel cell microchannels
Svrcek, Matthew Neil Mar-11 Edwards Exploration of combustion strategies for high-efficiency, extreme-compression engines
Yoo, Jihyung Mar-11 Hanson Strategies for planar laser-induced fluorescence thermometry in shock tube flows
Chang, Leyen S. Aug-11 Hanson Development of a diode laser sensor for measurement of mass flux in supersonic flow
Heberle, John Russell Aug-11 Edwards Coal energy conversion integrated with deep saline aquifer carbon storage via combustion in supercritical water
Kim, Dong Rip Dec-11 Zheng Characterization and Optimization of Silicon Nanowires for Biosensing and Photovoltaic Applications
MacDonald, Megan Edwards Jun-12 Hanson Decomposition kinetics of the rocket propellant RP-1 and its chemical kinetic surrogates
Kim, Bum Jick Jun-12 Mitchell Coal and Biomass Conversion under Supercritical Water Conditions
MacDonald, Natalia Adrienne Jun-12 Cappelli Laser Induced Fluorescence Charecterization of Cusped Field Plasma Thrusters
Miler, Josef Jun-12 Goodson Limits of hotspot detection and prediction in microprocessors
Mobley, Paul D. Jun-12 Edwards Analysis of zero emission power generation from SCWO of coal and development of an experimental facility for its investigation
Pyun, Sung Hyun Jul-12 Hanson Mid-IR laser-based diagnostics for hydrocarbon fuel vapor sensing and decomposition species measurements
Crawford, William Scott Aug-12 Cappelli Experimental study of vacuum microplasma spraying
Feng, Yunzhe Aug-12 Zheng One-dimensional (1-D) nanostructured metal oxides for catalytic oxidation of hydrocarbons
Gao, Yuan Aug-12 Goodson Thermal and mechanical phenomena in aligned carbon nanotube films
LeBlanc, Saniya Akhtar Aug-12 Goodson Electrothermal properties of nanowire materials for energy conversion systems
Li, Zijian Aug-12 Goodson Thermal conduction phenomena in nanostructured semiconductor devices and materials
Marconnet, Amy Marie Aug-12 Goodson Thermal phenomena in nanostructured materials & devices
Pang, Genny Anne Aug-12 Hanson Experimental determination of rate constants for reactions of the hydroxyl radical with alkanes and alcohols
Alexander, Brentan Dec-12 Mitchell Electricity and hydrogen from solid fuels: a study of carbon fuel cell systems
Bozorg-Grayeli, Elah Dec-12 Goodson Ultrafast optical characterization of nanoscale thermal properties
Chao, Xing Dec-12 Hanson Development of laser absorption sensors for combustion gases
Im, Seong-kyun Dec-12 Cappelli A Study of Unstart and Its Delay Using Dielectric Barrier Discharges
Bahga, Supreet Singh Jan-13 Santiago High sensitivity electrokinetic assays based on propagation and interaction of ion concentration shock waves
Gates, Sean Damien May-13 Hanson Biophysical analysis of bacterial and viral systems: A shock tube study of bio-aerosols and a correlated AFM/NanoSIMS investigation of vaccinia virus
Suss, Matthew May-13 Santiago Capacitive water desalination with hierarchical porous electrodes
Rao, Pratap Mahesh Jun-13 Zheng Flame synthesis and applications of metal oxide nanowires
Lam, Brian (King Liu) Jun-13 Hanson Shock tube measurements of oxygenated fuel combustion using laser absorption spectroscopy
Lee, Chi Hwan Aug-13 Zheng Transfer printing methods for fabricating thin-film electronics on nonconventional substrates
Marshall, Lewis Aug-13 Santiago Designing automated systems for sample preparation of nucleic acids using isotachophoresis
Ren, Wei Aug-13 Hanson Mid-infrared laser diagnostics for chemical kinetics study of oxygenates
Weisse, Jeffrey M Aug-13 Zheng Fabrication and characterization of vertical silicon nanowire arrays: a promising building block for thermoelectric devices
Garcia, Giancarlo Sep-13 Santiago Rapid and high-specificity assay for micro-RNA detection using combined on-chip isotachophoresis and affinity hydrogel purification
Rogacs, Anita Sep-13 Santiago Microfluidic techniques for lysing, purification and bead-based detection of RNA from complex samples
Ohkura, Yuma Oct-13 Zheng Synthesis and optical ignition of aluminum and silicon-based energetic materials
Sun, Kai Dec-13 Hanson Utilization of multiple harmonics of wavelength modulation absorption spectroscopy for practical-gas sensing
Stranic, Ivo Mar-14 Hanson Shock tube studies of biofiel kinetics
Li, Sijie Jun-14 Hanson Shock tube study of nitrogen-containing fuels
Owen, Kyle Jun-14 Hanson Measurements of vibrational relaxation and dissociation of oxygen with laser absorption spectroscopy with applications for energy transfer in nonequilibrium air
Schultz, Ian Jun-14 Hanson Practical applications of laser absorption spectroscopy for aeroengine testing
Campbell, Matthew Jul-14 Hanson Studies of biodiesel surrogates using novel shock tube techniques
Goldenstein, Christopher Jul-14 Hanson Wavelength-modulation spectroscopy for determination of gas properties in hostile environments
McCartt, Daniel Jul-14 Hanson Development of a low-temperature cavity ring-down spectrometer
Banerjee, Sayak Aug-14 Bowman A flow reactor study of pyrolysis and oxidation characteristics of N-dodecane
Miller, Victor Aug-14 Hanson High-speed tracer-based PLIF imaging for scramjet ground testing
Spearrin, R. Mitchell Sep-14 Hanson Mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopy for carbon oxides in harsh environments
Sur, Ritobrata Sep-14 Hanson Development of robust TDLAS sensors for combustion products at high pressure and temperature in energy systems
Han, Crystal Mar-15 Santiago Improvement of speed and sensitivity of DNA hybridization using isotachophoresis
Johnson, Bernard Henry, IV Jun-15 Edwards Exploring the pathway to high-efficiency, high-power IC engines through exergy analysis and stoichiometric direct injection
Pass, Rebecca Zarin Jun-15 Edwards Developing maximum-efficiency architectures for steady-flow chemical engines
Shkolnikov, Viktor Jun-15 Santiago Rapid affinity purification based on ion concentration shock waves and porous polymer monoliths
Cha, Eunsun Aug-15 Cappelli Dynamic models of electron transport in hall thruster simulations
Goldstein, Eli Aug-15 Mitchell Modeling chemistry of copper-based oxygen carriers in chemical looping combustion systems
Lam, Cheryl Meilin Aug-15 Cappelli Two-dimensional axial-azimuthal (Z-Ø) simulation of cross-field electron transport in a hall thruster plasma discharge
Calbry-Muzyka, Adelaide Dec-15 Edwards Comparative analysis of CO2 capture systems: an exergetic framework
Milanova, Denitsa Dec-15 Santiago Microfluidic fractionation and analysis of cytoplasmic versus nuclear acids in single cells
Cai, Lili Feb-16 Zheng Flame synthesis and doping of metal oxide nanowires and their application in solar water splitting
Blumreiter, Julie Ann Mar-16 Edwards Experimental and numerical tools to investigate ringing in IC engines
Nations, Marcel Jun-16 Hanson Laser-based diagnostics of electronically excited oxygen atoms at extreme temperatures
Dunham, Marc Tyler Deo Aug-16 Goodson Microfabricated thermoelectric materials and devices for waste heat harvesting
Eid, Charbel Aug-16 Santiago Coupling isotachophoresis to reaction and separation assays
Young, Christopher V. Aug-16 Cappelli Dynamics of plasma discharges used for space propulsion
Wang, Shengkai Sep-16 Hanson Shock tube / laser absorption study of aldehydes kinetics
Zhu, Yangye Nov-16 Hanson Shock tube studies of kinetics of conventional and alternative engine fuels
Qu, Yatian Dec-16 Santiago Energy consumption and charging dynamics of flow-through capacitive deionization systems