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Recent News

December 11, 2014
Mechanical Engineering chairman cited 'for contributions to the understanding of phonon and electron conduction in solid films, nanostructures and in semiconductor nanoelectronics.'
December 4, 2014
Mechanical engineering professor will focus on interactions with Poland and the Baltic Region.
December 1, 2014
This year's individual winner is Sheri D. Sheppard, a professor of mechanical engineering. The 2014 program winner is the LGBT Community Resources Center.
November 21, 2014
Gecko toes adhere to nearly any surface. Attempting to mimic those properties, Stanford engineers designed a controllable adhesive system that sticks to glass and supports a person's weight.
November 19, 2014
Sheppard receives a national honor for her innovative approach to teaching undergraduates in a hands-on, problem-solving way that transforms large classes into small group-learning laboratories.