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DEI Committee 2021 Annual Report

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June 4, 2021

DEI Committee 2021 Annual Report

We, as a community, take great pride in the excellence of the educational and learning environment that we have created in our ME department. Part of that excellence is our strive to improve our educational and learning environment that is welcoming and inclusive, and where people feel heard and do not live under fear.

The ME DEI Committee, along with its companion Sounding Board, was formed to help the ME Department achieve these goals.  As a student-staff-faculty committee in the department, this is the first of its kind. This report describes its formation in the summer of 2020, as well as the working group structure created to move into thoughtful action and the Committee’s efforts over the past year.

Despite the progress made by the DEI Committee and its partners throughout this year, the journey towards creating a more inclusive and welcoming environment is a long one. It is a shared responsibility for all of us because it is fundamental to the excellence in our scholarship and mentorship.  

We invite all readers to use this Google Form to provide feedback, ask for more information, and/or express interest in being involved with the DEI Committee.


DEI Committee 2020-21