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David Davidson

David Davidson

Sr Research Engineer, Mechanical Engineering


(650) 725-2072

University of Toronto Physics B.S (1978)
University of Toronto Aerospace Sciences M.Sc. (1980)
York University Physics Ph.D. (1986)

1986-present Senior Research Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Department

Research Activities:
Dr. Davidson’s research interests span the fields of gas dynamics and combustion kinetics. During his tenure at Stanford University he has developed a wide array of optical and laser-based diagnostic methods for combustion chemistry and propulsion studies and has advanced the use of these diagnostics in shock tubes. He currently manages the shock tube operations in the High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratories at Stanford University and actively mentors the approximately two dozen graduate students who use these facilities. He is a co-author of over 200 research publications and has been a member of the editorial advisory board for the International Journal of Chemical Kinetics and secretary of the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute.
An overview of the shock tube studies performed at Stanford under Prof. Hanson’s and Dr. Davidson’s supervision can be found in the six volumes entitled “Fundamental Kinetics Database Utilizing Shock Tube Measurements” available at