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David Lentink

David Lentink

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
PhD, cum laude, Wageningen University, The Netherlands, Experimental Zoology (2008)
MS, BS, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Aerospace Engineering (2003)


(650) 721-9433

Lentink's lab studies every aspect of biological flight as an inspiration for designing aerial robots. We focus on key biological questions which we probe with new engineering methods to find inspiration for aerial robots that can fly like animals. Our comparative biological flight research ranges from maple seeds, insects and bats to birds such as swifts, parrotlets, lovebirds, doves and a wide range of hummingbirds. For in-depth comparative biomechanics research we focus on bird flight. We use biofluid dynamics and other quantitative engineering disciplines including robotics as research tools to mechanistically understand and embody animal flight performance. We translate our integrative and comparative biological research driven by scientific curiosity to aerial robot design to solve the engineering challenge of autonomous flight in complex cluttered environments and turbulent atmospheric conditions.