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Project Opportunites: Life Design Lab

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The Life Design Lab teaches ENGR104S: Designing Your Stanford, ENGR104B: Designing Your Life, ENGR311B: Designing the Professional, and pilots new classes such as ENGR180: Designing Black Experiences.  The Lab's mission is to apply the innovation method of design thinking to the wicked problem of designing a well-lived, joyful life, at and after college. The Lab has shared its work globally with a network of 300+ institutions of higher education, helping students around the world design lives and work where they thrive.

There are two levels of participation in the Life Design Lab arm of the Design Affiliates program:  an annual membership ($125,000) and a quarterly membership ($45,000).

Annual Membership

In addition to the benefits accrued to all Affiliates (see Collaboration Benefits), annual membership allows the Affiliate access to classes and faculty through:

  • Class projects: Over the course of the annual membership, the Affiliate may develop up to two (2) classroom‐based projects with the consent of the instructors.
  • Symposia: The Affiliate and the Life Design Lab staff may design and host an event or experience that brings the Affiliate and Program faculty together for a symposium, the details of which will be worked out by the parties involved. The purpose of such an experience would be to exchange best practices, explore emerging technologies and design opportunities, and/or define new ways in which to derive benefits from the Stanford‐Affiliate relationship.
  • Summer Research Projects: Summer research projects can be defined, which are either new or continue the developments begun during a classroom‐based project. Additional stipends for graduate students may be necessary to fund their research activities.

The intention of an Affiliate membership is to create a flexible list of possible projects and to pick projects to engage in together, while being responsive to changing priorities at the Affiliate and Stanford as the relationship unfolds.

Quarterly Membership options

ENGR311B – Designing the Professional

ENGR104B – Designing Your Life

ENGR104S – Designing Your Stanford


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