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Project Opportunity: ENGR104B

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ENGR104B – Designing Your Life

This course applies the mindsets and innovation principles of design thinking to the "wicked problem" of designing your life and vocation. The course introduces Design Thinking processes through application: students practice awareness and empathy, define areas of life and work on which hey want to work, ideate about ways to move forward, try small prototypes, and test their assumptions. The course is highly interactive. The course will include brief readings, writing, reflections, and in-class exercises. Expect to practice ideation and prototyping methodologies, decision making practices and to participate in hands on activities in pairs, trios, and small groups. Also includes roleplaying, assigned conversations with off campus professionals, guest speakers, and individual mentoring and coaching. It will conclude with creation of 3 versions of the next 5 years and prototype ideas to begin making those futures a reality. Open to juniors, seniors and 5th year coterms, all majors. Additional course information at the Designing Your Life website.

Project time frame:  autumn, winter, and spring quarters (mid-September through mid-December, January through mid-March, April through mid-June)

Proposal timing:  contact Adjunct Professor Bill Burnett

Fee:  $45,000 for one project, typically 2‐3 weeks. This fee applies to academic year 2023-2024 and is subject to change in future years.

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