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Project Opportunity: ENGR110/210

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ENGR110/210 – Perspectives in Assistive Technology

Students work in teams of three or four to explore the design, development, and use of technology to address challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and older adults in the local community. The lectures and teaching team guide student teams through an engineering design process to fabricate, test, demonstrate, and present a functional prototype device or software application.  ENGR110/210 seeks suitable project suggestions and monetary gifts to support course activities.  Please note that University policy does not allow monetary gifts to be applied to a specific suggested project.

Stanford contacts:  Adjunct Lecturer David L. Jaffe, Professor Drew Nelson

Project time frame:  winter quarter (January through mid-March)

Proposals requested by December 1

For more information, contact Dave Jaffe

Gifts: Financial support in any amount to further the course's mission is always welcome.

URL:  ENGR110/210 website