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Project Opportunity: ME218D

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ME218D – Smart Product Design: Projects

The ME218ABCD sequence teaches students how to create mechanical designs that incorporate electronics, microprocessors and embedded software. The focus is on the integration of intelligence into mechanical systems, as opposed to simple computer control of machines. It is a laboratory‐intensive experience, with structured laboratories and open‐ended projects in addition to lectures. Team projects in the first three courses emphasize not only the technical content, but also the communications and interpersonal skills necessary to function as an effective team member. Students in ME218D (fourth course, autumn quarter, 10 weeks) undertake team projects with industry Affiliates.

Participating instructor:  Professor Thomas Kenny

Project time frame:  autumn quarter (late September through mid-December)

Proposals requested by August 6, but may be accepted until mid-September


Fee:  For one 10‐week project team: $9,500 PLUS prototyping materials and related expenses (typically $2,000). Applies to the university infrastructure charge, teaching team stipends, laboratory services, and computer resources for academic year 2022-2023. Fee subject to change in future years.


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