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Spring 2020 Course Offerings

This web page provides our most up-to-date information on which ME classes will, and will not, be offered this spring, given the University's recent decision that courses offered this Spring will be delivered 100% online.  We will update this page as more decisions are made.

Please know that we are strongly motivated to offer as many ME classes as we are able!  However, a handful of our classes are just not suitable for online delivery.

Some advice and comments for you, our ME students:

  • Please be forgiving of the fact that the scope/format of some ME classes will need to be changed, perhaps quite substantially, in order to make online instruction manageable.
  • Many ME instructors are still in the process of sorting out what will change in their spring quarter class.  Thank you for your patience.
  • If a cancelled ME class is one you view as essential in order to graduate this spring, please reach out to your ME advisor, cc'ing at least one other ME faculty member who teaches in your program or area.  If you do not hear back in a timely fashion (a few days), then please re-send, this time with a cc to Michelle Lucas Rice (  In some cases, we will be able to recommend a substitute course that will still be offered.  In other cases, we may need to allow you to deviate from the department's published requirements for your degree.
  • Please keep in mind that we at the department level cannot give you permission to deviate from university-level requirements (e.g., the 45 units needed for an MS, or the general education requirements for a BS).

This page is maintained by kburns.  Last update 3/27/20  10:49 AM

Table Key

Yes = Will be offered (with possibility that structure may be changed substantially)
No = Will not be offered
Uncertain = Please check back during finals week


Class   Offered? Notes
ENGR14 Intro to Solid Mechanics yes  
ENGR15 Dynamics yes  
ENGR154/CME100 Vector Calculus for Engineers


ENGR155A/CME102 Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers yes  
ENGR 155B/CME 104 Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations for Engineers yes  
ENGR 311B Designing the Professional yes  
ME2 Experimental Problem Solving for Engineers yes
  • Laboratory class experiments completed online.
  • Can be petitioned to count as 1-unit of science work.
  • Contact for more information
ME70 Introductory Fluids Engineering


ME80 Mechanics of Materials yes  
ME101 Visual Thinking yes  
ME102 Foundations of Product Realization yes  
ME103 Product Realization: Design and Making yes  
ME104 Mechanical Systems Design yes  
ME104B Designing Your Life yes  
ME104S Designing Your Stanford yes  
ME110 Design Sketching yes  
ME110B Digital Design Principles and Applications yes  
ME115C Designing Your Business yes  
ME120 History & Ethics of Design yes  
ME123 Computational Engineering yes seniors only
ME127 Design for Additive Manufacturing yes  
ME128 Computer-Aided Product Realization yes  
ME133 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics yes  
ME152 Material Behaviors and Failure Prediction yes  
ME195A Food, Design & Technology


ME203 Design & Manufacturing yes  
ME204B Bicycle Design & Frame-Building


ME206B Design for Extreme Affordability yes  
ME216C Advanced Product Design: Implementation 2 yes  
ME216M Introduction to the Design of Smart Products yes  
ME218C Smart Product Design Practice yes  
ME220 Introduction to Sensors yes  
ME225 Scaling Your Vision yes  
ME227 Vehicle Dynamics and Control yes Can be taken concurrently with ME327
ME236 Tales to Design Cars By yes  
ME257/ME357 Gas-Turbine Design Analysis yes  
ME265 Tecnology Licensing and Commercialization yes  
ME283 Introduction to Biomechanics and Mechanobiology yes  
ME300C/CME206 Introduction to Numerical Methods for Engineering yes  
ME301 LaunchPad: Design and Launch Your Product or Service yes  
ME302C The Future of the Automobile - Mobility Entrepreneurship no  
ME304D Designing Your Life  yes  
ME310C Engineering Design Entrepreneurship and Innovation: make it REAL yes  
ME316C Design Impact Master's Project III yes  
ME318 Computer-Aided Product Creation yes  
ME321 Optofluidics: Interplay of Light and Fluids at the Micro and Nanoscale yes  
ME324 Precision Engineering yes  
ME325 Making Multiples: Injection Molding


ME327 Design & Control of Haptic Systems


  • Can be taken concurrently with ME227.
  • Capacity will be increased to 80.
ME334 Advanced Dynamics, Controls and System Identification yes  
ME 338/CEE312 Continuum Mechanics yes  
ME343 Machine Learning in Computational Engineering yes  
ME346A Introduction to Statistical Mechanics yes  
ME352C Convective Heat Transfer yes  
ME354 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics yes  
ME356 Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics yes  
ME361 Turbulence yes  
ME367 Optical Diagnostics and Spectroscopy Laboratory no  
ME372 Combustion Appilcations yes  
ME378 Tell, Make, Engage: Action Stories for Entrepreneuring yes  
ME410C Advanced Foresight and Technological Innovation yes  
ME485 / BIOE485 Modeling and Simulation of Human Movement yes