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Through deep scholarship and hands-on learning and research experiences, we pursue societal benefits in sustainability, mobility, and human health.

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A female student pointing to her research poster at a poster session


We aim to give students a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to address a variety of societal needs, and prepares students for entry-level work as mechanical engineers or for graduate study in engineering.

A female student holding a small project in her hand

Graduate Students

Our goal is to align academic course work with research to prepare scholars in specialized areas within the field. Areas of specialization include automatic controls, energy systems, fluid mechanics, design, and more.

Our People

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Michaëlle Mayalu

"My dad was my first introduction to the field of engineering."

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Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Edwards

"I’m interested in the ability of high-powered lasers, with their extremely bright light, to help us develop new devices and new types of technology."

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PhD Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Skyler St. Pierre

“I study how we can use neural networks and machine learning to better understand the mechanics of biological tissue and how the body works.”

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A group of four students at a lab station looking at a flame

Research Themes

We work with an emphasis in four major research themes that together reflect the department's focus and methodologies.