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Biomechanical Engineering

With over 200 medical device companies within 20 miles and three top-tier hospitals within walking distance, the Stanford campus provides a unique setting for medical innovation.

Design Group

The Design Group's philosophy combines an emphasis on creativity, technology and design methodology with a concern for human values and the needs of society.

Flow Physics and Computational Engineering Group

The Flow Physics and Computational Engineering Group is contributing new theories, models, computational tools and laboratory measurements for accurate engineering design analysis and control of complex flows.

Mechanics and Computation Group

Teaching and research in the Mechanics and Computation Group is devoted to the study of a broad range of mechanical phenomena including the behavior of solids, fluids, biological tissues and complex materials under the actions of loads.

Thermosciences Group

The Thermosciences Group conducts research on advanced energy systems and transport, including air-breathing and space propulsion, bioanalytical and biomedical systems, electronics fabrication and cooling, and materials processing.