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CDR Affiliates Program

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The Center for Design Research (CDR) is a community of scholars focused on understanding and augmenting engineering design innovation practice and education. Founded in 1984, CDR is a nexus for PhD students and researchers collaborating in the realm of design thinking, robotics, rehabilitative technologies, engineering design education, STEM education, neurodesign and business innovation.

The CDR Industry Affiliates Program provides a unique relationship between academic research and industry, and connects corporations with a community of leading faculty and student researchers in their fields.  For a fee, the program enables companies to become affiliate members of the Center for Design Research, to interact with our researchers, while supporting our students and advancing academic knowledge in our fields of expertise.

Through your association with us, you gain access to innovative developments in design research. You develop relationships with faculty and researchers and get to know and work with excellent students. Most of all you become part of our community that works to advance design in robotics, engineering education, haptics, human interaction, human innovation, food, organizations and business.

All CDR Affiliates are subject to Stanford University Policies for Industry Affiliates Programs.

For more information about participating faculty, visit our Industrial Affiliates page.


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