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Student Organizations

ME Student Organizations

Mechanical Engineering Women's Group

The Mechanical Engineering Women’s Group aims to to foster a sense of community and environment of support among all graduate women in engineering at Stanford. The club hosts events that address topics of interest to women engineers. 

Rachel Adeola Gabriella Adenekan
Rachel Adeola Gabriella Adenekan, Co-Social Lead
Moromoke Tosin Adekanye
Moromoke Tosin Adekanye,
Marissa Rachel Lee
Marissa Rachel Lee, Financial Officer
Eley Ng
Eley Ng, Co-Social Lead
Claudia Parisuana-Barranca
Claudia Parisuana-Barranca, External Relations Officer
Siobhan Jocelyn Larissa Powell
Siobhan Jocelyn Larissa Powell, Vice President

Stanford Undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering (SUME)

SUME's main goal is to support mechanical engineering undergraduates in three key areas: academically, professionally, and socially.  We advocate for the interests of students to the department, help develop students’ resumes and technical interview skills, and foster a sense of community outside the classroom among our members.

  Bryce Nathaniel Huerta, Co-President
Melissa Renee Marable
Melissa Renee Marable, Co-President

ME Grad Student Committee (MEGSC)

The ME Graduate Student Committee is a student-run group which organizes social, academic and community events for the graduate student population in the ME Department.

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin, Committee Member

WINGS: Wellness Initiative for Graduate Students (SUNetID required)

The ME department has two student representatives who, in partnership with the SoE Dean's Office, facilitate awareness and effective utilization of wellness resources for graduate students.

Joy Franco
Joy Franco, WINGS representative
Jerome Nowak
Jerome Nowak, WINGS representative

SoE Student Organizations

American Society of Engineering Education

Our mission is to advance effective, evidence-based, inclusive, and accessible pedagogy for engineering education across an engaged community. We aim to empower students, faculty, and future faculty in teaching and learning. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to our research and educational missions, and strive to uphold these ideals in our programs and in our community.

Quay, President
Stacey Huang
Stacey Huang, Vice President

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

The Stanford chapter of AISES actively promotes Native American students in the fields of engineering and science and encourages American Indian youth to enter the world of science and engineering. 

Anna Quinlan
Anna Quinlan, Co-president
Justin Henson
Justin Henson, Co-president

Black Engineering Graduate Student Association

The mission of the Black Engineering Graduate Student Association or BEGSA is to to build a sense of community among and facilitate the professional development and academic success of the black Stanford engineering community by providing forums for engagement, discussion, and collective learning.

Emmanuel Balogun
Emmanuel Oreoluwa Balogun, Programming Chair

School of Engineering Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Council

The School of Engineering Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Council (DGSAC) is a crucial part of Stanford Engineering’s efforts to increase transparency and communication between our graduate students and Stanford Engineering leadership.

Kabir Abiose
Kabir Abiose, Counselor from ME
Filip Simeski
Filip Simeski, Counselor from ME, SoE DGSAC Vice-Chair
Sita Syal
Sita Syal, Counsilor from ME, SoE DGSAC Chair Emerita    

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Engineers for a Sustainable World addresses engineering-based challenges of developing communities through partnerships that foster cultural, educational and technical exchange. Projects include post-Tsunami reconstruction work on the Andaman Islands.

Society of Black Scientists and Engineers (SBSE)

SBSE is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of NSBE, which is to increase the number of black engineers and scientists who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. NSBE named Stanford’s chapter “Most Distinguished” in 2004 and 2005. SBSE has continued a long tradition of programs on Stanford’s campus geared towards the successful recruitment, retention, and graduation of black scientists and engineers. 

Stanford Solar Car Project

The Stanford Solar Car Project is a student-run, donation-funded project that has been building and racing solar-powered vehicles since 1986. In the 2005 American Solar Challenge, Stanford’s car won in the stock class. Stanford Solar provides hands-on experience for students in various fields of study and educates various groups on and off campus. 

Stanford Student Space Initiative

We are a completely student-run organization founded in 2013 with the mission of giving future leaders of the space industry the hands-on experience and broader insight they need to realize the next era of space development.

Stanford Society Of LatinX Engineers (SOLE / SSCLES)

The central purpose of SOLE (formerly SSCLES) is to increase the number of Latinos in the academic and professional areas of engineering and science. The group sponsors both academic and social programs and promotes academic and career development for both undergraduate and graduate students. 

Eric Sosa-Lesso
Eric Sosa-Lesso, President

Society of Women Engineers

Stanford SWE was founded in 1986 with these missions: Promote the study of engineering to our local youth through outreach work, enhance the diversity of the Stanford engineering community, and provide career and academic development opportunities for our collegiate members.

Tau Beta Pi

Tau Beta Pi is the only engineering honor society representing the entire engineering profession. The California Gamma chapter of Tau Beta Pi at Stanford University serves the Stanford community by acting as a representative entity for academic excellence, leadership and continued service. Tutoring services and office hours, conducted regularly at the Huang Engineering Center, encourage peer performance in science, mathematics and engineering.

Womxn of Color in Engineering

WOCE (pronounced “woke”) is a new initiative that seeks to create opportunities to gather Womxn* of Color graduate students in the School of Engineering by supporting year-long student-led programmatic efforts and collaborations across campus. Anyone of any gender and from all backgrounds who support these goals is welcome to attend events and join the group. 

Abisola Coretta Kusimo
Abisola Coretta Kusimo, Founder and Principal
Lourdes Andrade
Lourdes V. Andrade

University Groups

Stanford Womxn in Design

We are a Stanford University organization dedicated to equipping womxn in the community with the tangible skills needed to navigate design industries and beyond.

Nicole Orsak
Nicole Orsak, President