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Student Organizations

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ME Student Organizations

Mechanical Engineering Women's Group

The Mechanical Engineering Women’s Group aims to to foster a sense of community and environment of support among all graduate women in engineering at Stanford. The club hosts events that address topics of interest to women engineers. 

Rachel Adeola Gabriella Adenekan
Rachel Adeola Gabriella Adenekan, Co-Social Lead
Moromoke Tosin Adekanye
Moromoke Tosin Adekanye,
Marissa Rachel Lee
Marissa Rachel Lee, Financial Officer
Eley Ng
Eley Ng, Co-Social Lead
Claudia Parisuana-Barranca
Claudia Parisuana-Barranca, External Relations Officer
Siobhan Jocelyn Larissa Powell
Siobhan Jocelyn Larissa Powell, Vice President

Stanford Undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering (SUME)

SUME's main goal is to support mechanical engineering undergraduates in three key areas: academically, professionally, and socially.  We advocate for the interests of students to the department, help develop students’ resumes and technical interview skills, and foster a sense of community outside the classroom among our members.

Rio Hall-Zazueta, Co-President
Karime Laborin, Co-President

ME Grad Student Committee (MEGSC)

The ME Graduate Student Committee is a student-run group which organizes social, academic and community events for the graduate student population in the ME Department.

Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin, Committee Member

WINGS: Wellness Initiative for Graduate Students (SUNetID required)

The ME department has two student representatives who, in partnership with the SoE Dean's Office, facilitate awareness and effective utilization of wellness resources for graduate students.

Joy Franco
Joy Franco, WINGS representative
Jerome Nowak
Jerome Nowak, WINGS representative