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Research & Impact

a student working closely to adjust leg braces

Stanford’s Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) works in four major research areas: computational engineering, design, sustainability, and human health. Our research philosophy is simple: Push the limits of the possible — the ultra-efficient and most sustainable, the fully autonomous and super-controlled, the bioinspired and maximally enduring.

a female student looking in a microscope with two students beside her

ME Research Areas

Important multidisciplinary, project-based learning opportunities within Mechanical Engineering’s three research themes employ a range of methodologies — design thinking, multiscale modeling, physics-based simulation, control systems, and artificial intelligence — to the study of the nanoscale to complex living and mechanical systems. See where you fit in.

Jesse Streicher
Jesse Streicher
PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering

“ When I was in fifth grade, I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma, which hurt my confidence in ... ”

Maria Holland
Maria Holland
PhD ’17, Mechanical Engineering

“ Quilting is a great analogy for the research I do in computational biomechanics. Quilts are made up ... ”

News & Ideas

Pushing the limits of what’s possible: Explore the latest ideas coming out of our labs. See the impact of this important research on the world around us.