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Biomechanical Engineering Affiliates

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The Corporate Affiliates Program fosters interactions and exchange of ideas between Stanford Biomechanical Engineering (BME) and interested parties from industry.

Interactions between Stanford BME and industry have been fruitful for may years. A formal program exists to further encourage and guide these interactions. The Corporate Affiliates Program will help each Affiliated company form the type of relationship most beneficial to the Affiliate and Stanford's BME.

The Affiliate company has access to faculty and students from BME. The company's representative can arrange meetings with particular students or faculty members on campus or at the company's site. The Affiliate may request preprints, research reports and doctoral dissertations to learn about research results before they appear in journals. Representatives from Affiliate companies are invited to attend all seminars including the Medical Device Forum and the Biomechanical Engineering Seminars. Affiliates will also be identified on the BME website.

Affiliates may choose to become even more involved with BME by sponsoring research projects, sending employees to Stanford as Visiting Scholars or offering student internships. Other activities of mutual benefit to Stanford and the Affiliate are also possible. The basic sponsorship levels listed below can be tailored to meet the needs of each Affiliate.

Becoming an Affiliate

The Corporate Affiliates Program fosters interactions between BME and sponsors from industry. A summary of the current affiliate levels and their benefits is given below.  To apply, please email BME Group Administrator Kelly Chu.

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

Contact with faculty and students provides several benefits to the Affiliate. Stanford faculty and students are leaders in their fields. They provide a wealth of technical knowledge and experience useful for solving difficult problems. In addition, many students go into industry after finishing their degrees. The Affiliate can enhance its recruiting efforts by identifying and building relationships with talented students while they are still at Stanford.

The Affiliate can also benefit from and influence the research conducted in BME. Early receipt of research results gives the Affiliate a competitive advantage in utilizing new knowledge, discoveries and designs. Through conversations with faculty members, the Affiliate can also articulate the problems and issues of interest to the company. These discussions will often help to guide the direction of a faculty member's research. Research of interest to the Affiliate can also be encouraged through sponsorship of targeted research projects.

Finally, participation in the Affiliates Program provides professional development opportunities for the Affiliate's technical staff. Industry representatives can attend seminars on a variety of topics throughout the year. The annual Distinguished Lecture event allows the company to keep track of the latest research at Stanford and to hear from a renowned speaker in the Distinguished Lecture. For further professional development, the Affiliate can sponsor employees as Visiting Scholars who spend extended periods of time at Stanford in BME.

The basic sponsorship levels listed below can be tailored to meet the needs of each Affiliate.

Corporate Sponsor

  • Recognized at the Distinguished Lecture ceremony
  • Acknowledged at student poster exhibit
  • Acknowledged on BME website
  • Access to faculty/student projects
  • Option to present project for ME382 design class

Corporate Sponsor with Affiliate Meeting Attendance

All Corporate Sponsor benefits plus:

  • Invitation and participation in the Annual Research Forum

Corporate Sponsor with ME382 Course Project Sponsorship

All Corporate Sponsor benefits plus:

  • Invitation and participation in the Annual Research Forum
  • Sponsorship of a project in the two-quarter ME382 course (Biomedical Engineering R&D)

Individual Faculty Gifts

  • The distribution of each gift will be arranged on an individual basis