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Bachelor Product Design

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Bachelor of Science — Product Design

The mission of the undergraduate program in Product Design is to graduate designers who can synthesize technology and aesthetics in the service of human need. The program teaches a design process that encourages creativity, craftsmanship, personal expression, and emphasizes brainstorming and need finding. The course work provides students with the skills necessary to carry projects from initial concept to completion of working prototypes.

Students studying product design follow the basic Mechanical Engineering curriculum and are expected to meet the University requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree. The program prepares students for careers in industry and for graduate study.

Completion of the undergraduate program in Product Design leads to the conferral of the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. The subplan Product Design appears on the transcript and on the diploma.

For more information on this major, please see the Stanford Bulletin and the Undergraduate Handbook. Students graduating with this degree will confer a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering with a sub-plan in Product Design.