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Ernest G. Chilton Award

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Professor Ernest G. Chilton (1919-1985) focused his considerable talents on teaching and the student experience. This award was given to an outstanding Product Design student of the graduating class nearly every year from 1992 through 2012.



2012 Ariana Koblitz
2010 Catherine Lee
2009 Benjamin Merrick
2008 Larissa Yu Co
2007 Lisa Fumiko Asari
2006 Chris Marshall Turitzin
2005 Eleanor Morgan
2003 Michael Nelson Champlin
Manish Patel
2002 Linsey Kindel Mallory
2001 Ted Bowie
2000 Christine Wei Hsien McElhaney
1998 Ross Neil Evans
David William Licata
1997 Jeff Grant
Troy Phipps
1996 Alexander Kazaks
1995 Alexander Nosler
1994 Christopher Flink
Damon Schechter
1993 Peter Habicht
Sue Anderson
1992 Aram J. Irwin
1991 Laura Stearns
1990 Alysia Andrikopoulos
Carl Yee