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Doctoral Program

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The Ph.D. degree is intended primarily for students who desire a career in research, advanced development, or teaching; for this type of work, a broad background in mathematics and the engineering sciences, together with intensive study and research experience in a specialized area, are the necessary requisites.

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is conferred on candidates who have demonstrated to the satisfaction of their department or school

  • substantial scholarship
  • high attainment in a particular field of knowledge
  • and the ability to do independent investigation and present the results of such research.

They must satisfy the general requirements for advanced degrees, the program requirements specified by their departments, and the doctoral requirements for candidacy, as outlined in the Stanford Bulletin.

PhD Admissions information

For Current Stanford Students

The ME Student Intranet has detailed information about processes and requirements for the ME PhD.


Xiaolin Zheng
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

“ Two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years are ... ”