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Thermo-Fluids Concentration

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Thermo, Fluids, and Heat Transfer Concentration



Course Name


ME 132 Intermediate Thermodynamics 4
ME 133 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 149 Mechanical Measurements 3
ME 352D Nanoscale Heat, Mass and Charge Transport 3
Thermo, Fluids, and Heat Transfer Electives  
ME 250* Internal Combustion Engines 5
ME 257* Gas-Turbine Design Analysis 3
ME 351A Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 351B Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 352A Radiative Heat Transfer 3
ME 352B* Fundamentals of Heat Conduction 3
ME 352C* Convective Heat Transfer 3
ME 362A Physical Gas Dynamics 3
ME 370A Energy Systems I: Thermodynamics 3
ME 370B Energy Systems II: Modeling and Advanced Concepts 4
ME 371 Combustion Fundamentals 3
AA 283 Aircraft and Rocket Propulsion 3